Data from space unlocked through Innovation

As part of the University of Strathclyde’s show and tell series, SoXSA will be presenting about our work and the opportunities available with ‘Data from space unlocked through Innovation’.

The University of Strathclyde’s principle values of innovation, collaboration, and ambition are at the core of what SoXSA has been working towards for the last 2 years. SoXSA, embedded within the University, but with a wider remit to engage across Scotland to support and enhance the capabilities through the use of space assets and satellite applications, has established a focal point for the Scottish Space Sector.

Offering clear access to funding and resources, otherwise unknown or difficult to achieve and supporting the development of consortia to leverage expertise across the UK and internationally, SoXSA supports access to this data and promotes the capabilities this potentially offers into energy networks, marine science and offshore industries, smart urban development, digital health and rural connectivity, maritime surveillance and transport. SoXSA channels resources and efforts to ensure the route to these data sources is effective and unambiguous, whilst also supporting innovation that will harness the essence of the data from new space assets to develop new services of capabilities.

The presentation will focus on how this work will be pushed to the next level as new space technology is granting the way to unprecedented data volumes and detailed information.


Date: Friday 25th November

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Venue: Technology & Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RD


Email to register your attendance.