The New Peers Review: Free space event for the public

The New Peers Review

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The New Peers Review is a show where peers from the fields of science, technology and engineering are challenged to present novel ideas about the future of our planet and beyond.


On Wednesday next week, 23 January, the University of Strathclyde will be hosting this first ever episode, which will also be published as a podcast by DW, Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle.


Timed just before the 2019 DATA.SPACE conference, the show will all be about satellites and space exploration.


The pilot will be expertly hosted by DW’s Zulfikar Abbany, with Prof Malcolm Macdonald and Dr Ciara McGrath of the University of Strathclyde as team leaders, and guest stars Dr Steve Owens of Huli and Áine O’Brien of the University of Glasgow as our knowledgable experts.


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