Upstream Space Science & Innovation Audit Project

You are invited to take part in a discussion as part of the BEIS-sponsored Science & Innovation Audit for Upstream Space Project. The Science & Innovation Audit is a major piece of work helping shape local and national investment across a variety of sectors. The Science & Innovation Audit for Upstream represents an excellent and unique opportunity to influence senior Government with respect to the future strategic direction of, and investment into, the upstream sector.

With the help of in-space missions ltd we are bringing together regional upstream space business and key stakeholders to address the following questions :

What are the UK’s current strategic capabilities in the fields of launch vehicles, launch systems, satellite systems and ground systems?;

  • What are our competitors’ comparative strengths and potential future market opportunities?;
  • What future emerging commercial opportunities exist in the sector – and how well placed is the UK to respond?;
  • How can we develop new market capability (to better sell the UK’s capabilities & anchor more supply chain opportunities within the UK) by better connecting industry to new expertise either in industry or academia?
  • How can we ensure that the Space 4.0 economy can take firm root in the UK, encouraging innovative companies to set up here and creating the trading and (skills, supply chains etc.) and the regulatory conditions within which they can flourish


For more information and to attend please visit Eventbrite

The event will take place between 12.00 and 14.30 and a light lunch will be provided.